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A new eXact learning is coming

First preview at Learning Technologies 2015

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Carson-Dellosa Publishing, the leading supplementary educational solutions provider for both teachers and parents in the United States, has chosen eXact learning solutions’ learning content management system (LCMS) to be the foundation of its digital content infrastructure, providing digital asset management and educational content authoring and deployment.

Read Carson-Dellosa Case Study

On the spot

The purpose of this blog is to promote a genuine exchange of ideas in the move towards what we refer to internally as the ‘Renaissance 2.0’ knowledge storm.

Bankia Case Study
Bersin & Associates Case Study on the new learning content management architecture at Bankia

UNHCR Case Study
UNHCR uses the latest learning technologies to train its staff and partners.

Dynamic Publishing A content-centric approach to learning personalization
This white paper reviews the concept of distributed architectures and introduces the advantages of passing from “Static Publishing” to “Dynamic Publishing. Dynamic Publishing is an innovative approach to content production and distribution capable of adapting learning content to the user’s device, platform and skills.

Responsive template design for dynamic learning personalization
From single-source / multiple-channel to responsive content template design for dynamic learning personalization.

eXact learning Offline Player Learning Content Delivery

eXact learning Offline Player provides a seamless and highly secure way of access to existing learning content without the need for being connected to the internet.

eXact learning Content Models Template-Based Content Production

eXact learning Content Models provides rapid authoring capabilities and model-based multi-language content production ithat can be delivered on different channels and platforms.

eXact learning Online Editor - Rapid Authoring

eXact learning Online Editor further enhances the content authoring capabilities of eXact learning LCMS by enabling rapid and collaborative content authoring.

eXact learning Content Management System (LCMS)

Our modular eXact learning Suite includes: SCORM compliant Learning Content Management System (LCMS) Learning Content Authoring tools Mobile Learning solutions

Technical Support - Customer Assistance with Learning Content Management Solutions

eXact learning solutions' comprehensive customer support provides technical assistance for the installations, upgrade and maintenance of our learning and content management solutions.

eXact learning LCMS Case Studies

eXact learning LCMS case studies present eXact learning solutions’ client needs and the solutions provided using our award winning learning content management system.

Mobile Learning

eXact learning Mobile solution provides learners with instant on-demand access to learning content

LCMS Learning Content Management System

eXact learning LCMS is a SCORM compliant Learning Content Management system (LCMS), which offers you advanced Learning Content Authoring tools.

LCMS & Digital Repository Case Studies

Our case studies tell the success stories of our clients, who have achieved significant benefits by implementing our Learning Content Management System (LCMS) and Digital Repository solutions.

Our Clients

eXact learning solutions' client portfolio provides an overview of our customers.

Top News

Aug 12, 2014
Kydon signs re-seller partnership agreement with eXact learning LCMS

Kydon Learning Systems Institute has signed a partnership agreement with Italy-based eXact learning solutions, the digital learning content management business solution provider.
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