eXact learning solutions & CNED win an Excellence in Technology Award


eXact learning solutions, the leading global digital transformation technology provider, has won a coveted Brandon Hall Group Bronze award for excellence. The category won was ‘Best Advance in Content Management Technology’. This was a joint entry with eXact learning solutions’ client, CNED. The case study was titled ‘eXact learning solutions: how a content management technology solution benefited CNED and its audience’.


Valerio Torda, CEO, eXact learning solutions, comments that “we are delighted to be recognized, not only for our innovative technology, but also importantly, for the benefits to clients of using our technology. We are thrilled to have won a prestigious Brandon Hall Award, particularly as it is a joint award for us and CNED. Our client has seen such positive feedback from their students, and benefits across the organization – as evidenced in the Award-winning entry. Part of this success has to be accredited, of course, to CNED.


This has been a great award-winning 12 months for us. In addition to this Excellence in Technology Award, we have been recognised in two categories by Training Industry for our Authoring Technology, and our Learning Portal, and is testament to our focus and emphasis on R&D.

Further innovations


Early in the New Year we will be releasing further technology innovations, which will provide greater functionality for our clients. These developments will provide further ease-of-use, directed at helping our clients in digital transformation, in relation to their knowledge transfer and management needs.

In the coming 12 months we will continue our R&D focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Biometrics. We have already completed (and executed on) considerable research. We are determined to be at the forefront of creative innovation, in order to seek efficiencies and improvements in benefits to be had from organizational transformation within our global community.



In addition to this 2018’s Award-winning innovation, we have willingly responded to client demands for our technology by expanding our team in the US, and launching and expanding our office in London, UK, in the last year. This furthering of our reach demonstrates the scalability of our technology, particularly for multi-national organisations, who want to connect with us across their global locations.

Our client firms tell us that the use of the eXact learning solutions platform as a ‘one-stop shop’ to tailor content, in multiple-languages, in locally-preferred formats and methods of delivery, provides a huge RoI for them. We are looking forward to adding to our reputation expanding, and continuing to be recognised for our innovations in 2019”.


About eXact learning solutions
eXact learning solutions is the leading global knowledge-transfer technology provider for collaborative learning and regulatory content management.
We partner with innovative organizations in shaping the future of content, by enabling and empowering their digital and knowledge-transformation processes.
We support efficiencies in organizations, assist in reducing delivery time, allow re-use of previous knowledge and content investments, and speed up typical ROI timescales.
We understand that it is vital to have the ability to store, create, share and collaborate, while delivering content locally and globally, and to be able to tailor to internal and external audiences.
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Italy | Piazza della Vittoria, 11/A, 16121, Genoa
USA | 1 Press Place, Suite 203 (30601), Athens, Georgia
UK | 8 Devonshire Square, London, EC2M 4PL

Twitter: @eXactlearning
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/exact-learning-solutions


About CNED
Centre national d’ensieignement a distance (CNED) is today the leading lifelong learning operator in Europe. CNED has a mission to provide and promote education and distance learning, including modern communication techniques. CNED offers courses, additional options complementary to traditional education, higher education modules, preparation for public service recruitment entry and training for adults.


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