eXact learning LCMS features



Our authoring tool is:


  • Suitable for independent authors, teams and large companies
  • Easy to use with a WYSIWYG drag & drop user interface
  • Integrated with other LCMS functionalities, such as digital repository and project management
  • Thought to create multiple output from a single source input
  • Extensible with the possibility to develop custom skins and interactions
  • Available both via web platform and as an offline desktop app

Only eXact learning solutions offers a one-stop shop learning content ecosystem, where a rapid authoring environment is fully integrated within an enterprise content management platform covering all content lifecycle needs.

You can reduce time and costs related to content production thanks to our rapid authoring features: easy raw assets drag & drop, WYSIWYG editor, multiple output preview, responsive layout for multi-devices content delivery, rendering engine for content transformation in PDF, Word and ePub version, and a lot more.

When creating a new document you can choose between two main types of content:


Slide-based HTML document, ideal for e-learning courses, instructor-led training (ILT) and desktop publishing.


Continuous flow HTML textual document, ideal for manuals, technical documentation and other word processing needs.

With our multiple output preview, you can fully experience complete courses generated according to SCORM specifications with sequencing rules and support of simulated tracking features, and see a page preview of your continuous text documents.


In addition, thanks to the API integration with Microsoft Office 365, subject matter experts and everyone else involved in the learning content creation process can simply create and share their Word and Power Point documents and they will be automatically ingested in our Digital Repository and made available for re-use.

Creating unique and engaging learning experiences has never been easier with our sample, skins and interaction library.

You can enrich content with images, videos, audio and animations (eXact learning LCMS is integrated with Shutterstock) or add engaging interactions such as image explorations, image hotspot, drag & drop activities and many others.

See how customizable samples, page layouts, skins and  interactions can speed up the production of beautiful learning content and allow a great deal of customization.


You can create content from scratch or reuse existing training materials.

Our authoring environment is fully integrated with the Digital Repository, so that authors can search for existing chunks of knowledge (textual paragraphs, media and pages) and reuse them, choosing to embed or link them for dynamic updating.

Your legacy content is not wasted, as you can always ingest it and reuse it as a base to create new documents and learning objects.

Currently, we support the ingestion of Word and Power Point.

Check out the Digital Repository for more information about ingestion and reuse.


With eXact learning LCMS, authors don’t need to care about the format or device of delivery.

Thanks to the separation of content from its final presentation, you create content once in responsive HTML5 file format, immediately ready to be displayed in any pc or for mobile learning on smartphone and tablets. Then, through the out-of-the-box rendering engine, content may be in a click:

  • transformed into a native PDF, Word, Power Point, ePub version rather than into a SCORM package or mobile app, applying custom export style templates;
  • changed in skin colors and logos according to any emerging branding needs;
  • personalized in terms of look & feels;
  • adapted to create ILT and blended learning outputs, such as lecture notes, trainer’s guides and answer sheets for different personas.

Our authoring environment embeds off-the-shelf HTML-based and responsive document sample, page templates, skins and interaction library.


eXact learning LCMS allows for collaborative authoring, thanks to the possibility to:


  1. share documents and assets with a granular level of permission ;
  2. work on the same document at a page level;
  3. track and manage versions;
  4. search and reuse knowledge chunks;
  5. write comments;
  6. assign each other revision tasks.



eXact learning LCMS is integrated with Microsoft Office 365, so that subject matter experts and other users can:

You can easily manage document versions thanks to the version history and the version comparison features of eXact learning LCMS. Read more about document version management on the Digital Repository section.



We are developing a Learning Record Store (LRS) to track the learners experience with each learning object with xAPI. Formal and informal learning data from multiple channels, both online and offline, will be made available to authors and other content production stakeholders, in order to improve the quality, attractiveness and effectiveness of learning content.

Our authoring framework is composed by different interoperable tools able to meet different users expectations, needs and skills. Let your authors and SMEs choose between using the professional client application (offline desktop app) or the 100% web version, both of them share the same content templates ensuring quality, consistency, error reduction and zero re-work.

The offline desktop app is best for fast-paced organizations that have a demand for high-volume, professional and consistent learning output. These requirements necessitate both rapid authoring capabilities and model-based automation of content production. With eXact learning LCMS offline app you can design sophisticated and highly interactive instructional content as well as develop standard and interoperable learning content elements (Learning Objects) with an easy-to-use WYSIWYG editor that works also without internet connection.

Authors can create slide-based HTML document and continuous flow HTML textual document.

Multiple output, content reuse and all the other eXact learning LCMS authoring features are available also in the offline desktop app.