Case study

“The popular choice was the eXact learning LCMS. It was principally chosen because of its highly responsive design functionalities.”

Telefónica UK researched the LCMS market thoroughly. It asked the opinion of everyone in its L&D function as well as those in the IT function. Eventually, all these people were asked to rigorously evaluate three shortlisted systems.

“The popular choice was the eXact learning LCMS – from the Italy-based digital learning content management business solutions producer, eXact learning solutions,” said Asi. “It was principally chosen because of its highly responsive design functionalities.”

Going through its standard procurement process to acquire the eXact learning LCMS, Telefónica UK acquired the system – as software-as-a-service (SaaS) – from eXact learning solutions’ distributor in the UK, Tribal Education. Asi observed, “This meant that, since we don’t host the system, there was no involvement from our IT department and no installation ‘pain’.”

Darren Lloyd, Business Development Manager Software Solutions at Tribal, commented: “SaaS takes away any headaches associated with introducing and using a new system. We’re finding that many technology systems which have, traditionally, been kept in-house are being moved to the Cloud and accessed as SaaS. This outsourcing saves work for in-house IT departments to install and validate the system – and, every evening, oversee creating system back-ups. All of this can become expensive – whereas SaaS is a great deal easier, simpler and cheaper.”

“Tribal’s extensive security systems surrounding our learning materials were a considerable ‘plus point’ for us when selecting the LCMS,” added Asi. “Not only do these help us to conform with security and data protection legislation but also make life easier when we want to update the learning contents.”

Telefónica UK has migrated its learning materials to the eXact learning LCMS and now has thousands of learning objects on the system – many hundreds of which are accessed daily by the company’s 7,500 employees, along with its 15,000 partners and franchisees.

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