NHS R-ITI Project

Radiology Integrated Training Initiative for the UK Royal College of Radiologists.

After an extensive evaluation of LCMS solutions at the start of 2005, the R-ITI Project (Radiology-Integrated Training Initiative) selected eXact LCMS platform as their Learning Content Management solution, resulting in a significant reduction in content production costs.

Improvement in costs

To date, R-ITI content engineers have produced more than 1000 hours of eLearning content in collaboration with over 350 subject matter experts, using eXact learning LCMS advanced content authoring, distributed workflow and peer reviewing functionality. They have achieved a 10:1 reduction in content production costs when compared to average market prices.


The R-ITI Project is a collaborative initiative between the Royal College of Radiologists, the Department of Health, and the NHS (UK National Health Service), established to create innovative ways to improve the training of junior radiologists in the UK health system.