The American Creativity Academy

Solutions for the Integration of Technology into the Learning Environment.

The American Creativity Academy (ACA) is a private Kuwaiti school dedicated to preparing students for university success by delivering an American based curriculum built on international standards in education. In partnership with students, parents, teachers and administrators, the ACA aims at preparing young men and women to become future leaders and contributing members of the global community.

eXact learning solutions’ partner in the Middle East, UKS, provided ACA with a comprehensive and unified solution for the integration of technology into the learning environment, so as to facilitate its transformation from teacher centred to student centred learning.

eXact learning LCMS manages the delivery of Learning Objects, tracks performance, and provides for all methods of communication between the involved parties. eXact learning LCMS is a system that enables content creation, publishing, access, storage, and retrieval, as well as providing easy access to learning resources and objects in and outside of the classroom.