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With eXact learning solutions you can create, store and organize documents, plan new projects and manage your team to enhance your digital content strategy.

Much more than a simple LCMS

It combines all the Learning Content Management System features with a robust Component Content Management, which allows you to centralize your company’s entire digital content strategies in an all-in-one solution.

The eXact learning LCMS empowers your team and optimizes collaboration amongst all those involved in the content life cycle. The LCMS lowers costs, saves time and maximizes your ROI.

Only eXact learning solutions offers a one-stop shop learning content ecosystem. This provides you with a rapid authoring environment that can be fully integrated in your organization.

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Designed for Startups and Brands.

The eXact learning LCMS is a robust enterprise component content management system, which has the advantage of in-house support gained via 20-plus years of superb, learning expertise.

  • The LCMS allows ingestion of any kind of digital content that can be centralized in the digital repository. From the central repository any piece of content stored can be retrieved, edited, reused and published in a variety of different outputs and formats.
  • Localizing your content has never been so easy thanks to the LCMS Localization engine. The innovative AI translator can automatically translate your content accurately, and quickly, in more than 50 languages.
  • You can access a multitude of informative analytics on how your content is consumed via xAPI tracking, and easy integration with an LRS.


eXact learning LCMS features

Digital repository

eXact learning LCMS Digital Repository can: (ingest legacy materials and all their associated resources, index and store in a centralized repository each single granular asset for easy search, rapid editing and multi-courses reuse).


  • Ingest legacy materials and all their associated resources.
  • Index and store each granular asset in a centralized Repository.
  • Easy search in repository.
  • Rapid editing.
  • Multi-courses Reuse.
exact ls digital repository
eXact learning LCMS features

Authoring tool

Our authoring tool is:


  • Suitable for independent authors, teams and large companies.
  • Easy to use with a WYSIWYG drag & drop user interface.
  • Integrated with other LCMS functionalities, such as digital repository and project management.
  • Thought to create multiple output from a single source input.
  • Extensible with the possibility to develop custom skins and interactions.
  • Available both via web platform and as an offline desktop app.
eXact learning LCMS features

Project Management

Our project management module:


  • Helps authors, subject matter experts, tutors, reviewers and project leaders to provide specific and valuable contributions to the content development process.
  • Multi-stakeholder context with many projects running.
  • Workflows.
  • Clear informations about owners, tasks and deadlines.
  • Resources efficiently allocated.
eXact learning LCMS features


with our Localization management you can:


  • Create, manage and deliver different content variations in all needed languages,beyond simple translation.
  • Adapt your content to cultural differences with the XLIFF format (an XML-based international standard for localization).
  • Easy integrate internal or third-parties translation agencies.
eXact learning LCMS features


With eXact learning LCMS:


  • Each content becomes a unique learning experience which can be enjoyed by your learners, whenever and in any way they like.
  • Deliver personalized content chunks and keep track of any formal and informal experience.
  • Integrated LMS framework
  • Delivery of e-learning courses compliant with SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004 and xAPI standards.
  • Implementation of corporate or branded e-learning portals, also available via iOs and Android tablet apps.
  • Course and enrollment management.
  • Tracking of learners’ performance





eXact learning solutions provides professional services to complement its software offering:


The boundaries between learning, employee experience and knowledge management are becoming fuzzier. We advise on the digital transformation of learning content production, management and delivery. We help organizations to design and implement plans to audit and nurture their knowledge assets.

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To make sure that your organization uses our products and solutions in the most effective way. Our training can be deployed following a train-the-trainer approach. Don’t miss out on our Academy for some free resources, white papers and webinars about e-learning content production, learning technologies and trends.

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Development of learning object skins and interactions



Developer platform

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Our mission

We partner with visionary organizations in shaping the future of knowledge sharing, learning and collaborative content production.
We help our customers in the digital transformation of their learning process, so as to produce, manage and deliver engaging content and digital experiences.


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Software Escrow

We recognise that we have a responsibility to help our customers ensure the long term performance and availability of their software and ultimately, to assure business continuity.

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We have implemented and maintain a Management System as well as an Environmental Management System that fulfill the UNI EN ISO standard 9001:2015 and 14001:2015.

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With more than 20 years of expertise, the eXact learning team is able to offer advice and provide any kind of solution to drastically improve your digital content strategy at any level.


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