eXact learning LCMS features



With eXact learning LCMS each content becomes a unique learning experience which can be enjoyed by your learners wherever, whenever and in any way they like. Deliver personalized content chunks and keep track of any formal and informal experience.

eXact learning LCMS has an integrated LMS framework that offers:

 Measurement of performances & improvements

Measure learners improvements, plan personalized content chunks deployment and analyze content effectiveness.


 Online and offline tracking

Track learning experiences wherever they happen thanks to online/offline synchronization, any learning step forward is recorded, stored and analyzed in your preferred LMS/LRS even if there is no connectivity. Learners can start, enjoy and complete their training when and in any device they like.


 Formal & informal learning

With xAPI support, you decide which formal or informal learning experience to track. Allow your learners to share their experiences with their friends thanks to eXact learning LCMS integration with every main social network.


With eXact single source authoring, you can create content once and repurpose it as an eBook, a printable document, an app, a slide presentation or any type of learning material that supports different training approaches such as ILT or blended learning.

eXact learning objects are responsive, so that can be deployed and enjoyed in any learner-preferred device.

Mobile learning is rapidly expanding across all kinds of organizations – from sales, customer service and maintenance through consulting and insurance to educational institutions. Learners need the latest information with easy access, at any time, from anywhere – and they need that information to be personalized to their requirements.

Your organization wants to deploy training rapidly, keep dispersed teams aligned and up-to-date, ensure regulatory compliance and sharpen key skills in key roles to achieve competency and required certifications.

eXact learning LCMS will help you do this because it includes the ultimate mobile learning portal solution for standard-based, single-source content management, delivery and tracking for organizations that aim to improve their key business processes and their human resource capital.


Tracking and syncing even when offline

Take a course while traveling, even where there’s no connectivity, such as on the subway. Update progress, and complete work later, on your computer or any other device.


Full mobile interoperability

Distribute and access courses from other third party systems (e.g. LMS, LRS, CMS or even a file system, such as Windows, Linux, Mac OS and so on). This is a solution that adapts to and take advantage of the IT system mix that best suits your business.


Light content downloads

Courses are downloaded in a matter of seconds. This enables content authors to deliver courses that are based on structured, web-like pedagogical paradigms which, using traditional approaches such as content pills or training nuggets, would have required large downloads.


Supported platforms

iPhone and iPad (3.2 and later) – easy installation via the Apple Store (iTunes)
Android (2.2 and later)