eXact learning LCMS features



“eXact learning LCMS can ingest legacy materials and all their associated resources, index and store in a centralized repository each single granular asset for easy search, rapid editing and multi-courses reuse.”


Thanks to eXact learning LCMS ingestion engines you can leverage your existing knowledge base of legacy content. The most common corporate documents format can be automatically ingested, stored, indexed, searched and reused to create learning objects and new documents with our authoring tool.

Currently, our powerful ingestion engines are able to deal with the following formats:


Microsoft Power Point
Each slide and/or each single slide item is recognized as a reausable information chunk.When you upload and ingest a presentation into the Digital Repository, you can choose to keep the original .ppt/.pptx file format or convert a Power Point file into a learning object. For each slide, you can choose between conversion into an HTML responsive format or a pixel perfect approach, where items keep their absolute and fixed position. The animations and entry effects will be maintained, so that you can edit or repurpose them too.


Microsoft Word

Thanks to eXact learning LCMS ingestion engines, each page and/or each single page item of a Microsoft Word document can become a valuable knowledge chunk. You can even convert each page in a native HTML-based, responsive template page, ready to be edited or repurposed.

Reuse of content at any granular level

Creating content and courses upon our templates technology gives you the possibility to automatically identify any learning object, storing and indexing any singular content chunk at any granular level (i.e. chapter, page, textual paragraph, image etc). Any content chunk can be then searched, embedded, edited and reused in any new LO both as a physical resource and a dynamic link to a specific or last version. In case you link a knowledge chunk into another document, when the original content is edited you can decide to automatically update the chunk also in the destination document. In this way, you can create content once and rapidly adapt, edit, deliver it according to any pedagogical need.

Upload resources in any file format

The Digital Repository allows you to store any type of assets and file format in a centralized database. It means that you can upload, share, index, search, update and versioning any kind of asset in any common or proprietary file format.


Search of resources

At the heart of the Digital Repository lies the search engine, so that users can search among documents and within knowledge chunks. According to content sharing option, check-in/check-out control and user roles, rights & permissions, some content will be displayed or hidden. Thanks to a configurable meta-data profile and a powerful semantic technology, you can easily retrieve documents, assets and even knowledge chunks.



With eXact learning LCMS you can easily manage multiple content versions. Each learning object has a version history so that you can track its evolution and retrieve previous versions.

Your teams can share, track and go back to earlier versions as needed, create content links to dynamically manage content updating processes and make the latest version of a resource always readily available to staff and applications. In this way you can reduce editorial times and improve printing, digital product development and marketing processes efficiency.

In addition, a version comparison functionality is available to help you identify the changes and differences among versions.