eXact User Group seminar is the exclusive event where eXact learning solutions gathers all of its international customers and partners in LATTANZIO Group’s unique venue.
The team will unveil the latest products and releases regarding the eXact learning Suite. Among the new developments to eXact learning solutions’ products that will be revealed to the conference delegates will be the new release – version 14 – of the eXact learning LCMS and the redesigned mobile app for all main portable devices and platforms.
Users will also be the protagonist of the event – through a series of case studies presented by the delegates themselves, fellows will be able to share and learn their very own LCMS experience.

The User Group seminar will take place on Thursday 3rd September and Friday 4th September 2015 at the LATTANZIO Group Headquarters in Rome (Via Nazionale 89 A, Rome, Italy).

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3 September 2015,



Via Nazionale 89 A, Rome, Italy