eXact is leading the charge in the LCMS evolution-revolution

The LCMS market is changing at an unprecedented rate and eXact’s leading LCMS is quickly emerging at the forefront of the pack. eXact will be sharing their success and demonstrating the vast improvements in the UI/UX found within their recent LCMS 3.0 release at the upcoming Learning Technologies conference in London. This year’s event – which includes a conference, seminars and an exhibition – will attract over 7,500 visitors from around the world and is being held in London’s Olympia on 31st January and 1st February 2018.


In addition to exhibiting at the event – on stand E1 – eXact learning solutions’ products will also be featured in one of the event’s seminars, entitled ‘LCMS 2.0: New Use Cases for a Rapidly Changing Learning Landscape’. Taking place on 1st Febraury 2018 in Theatre 2, from 13:15 to 13:45, the free-to-attend seminar is led by Bryan Eldridge, eXact learning solutions’ Chief Learning Strategist.


At the nexus into the broad-scale adoption of the LCMS as a core component of standard enterprise learning architecture, the common set of use cases for employing this type of learning technology is going through a massive transformation if not a complete transmogrification.


This presentation will address this new set of use cases in the context of actual client engagements with some of the largest companies from around the globe:

– Massive ingestion and digital transformation (including branding/rebranding) of legacy non-learning content such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint documents

– Individual and batch-based high-efficacy localization of materials using machine learning and other artificial intelligence techniques within cloud-based service stacks

– Highly-personalized content curation of large collections of both learning and non-learning digital collections for diverse and self-identifying audiences

– Utilization of the LCMS workflow capabilities for standardizing and democratizing the adoption of mission critical internal business processes

– Organization and authoring of content within the LCMS for delivery to external performance support systems


“The use and expectations of what an LCMS should deliver on has changed dramatically over the last two to three years. In the early days of our company, it could often be a tough sell in terms of getting the market to understand the value that even basic LCMS features – like version management and metadata – can bring to the content lifecycle. Now, clients are beating down our door with new and unexpected requirements for leveraging this historically under-utilized technology,” explained Bryan. “Once the enterprise started hitting critical mass in terms of the amount of digital content that they had generated, new requirements for addressing content management and configuration management – at a massive level but with a curative touch – rapidly emerged as well.”

“We have been listening closely to the market and I believe that those attending the conference will clearly see how we have responded to those market requirements with the release of LCMS 3.0,” commented Valerio Torda, eXact learning solutions’ CEO.


“Furthermore, we are particularly excited about this year’s Learning Technology event as it coincides with the opening of our new London office at WeWork Spitalfields. The UK and the US have historically been our strongest markets and we felt it was time to continue the great success we are having in the States (with eXact’s leading LCMS) by opening up a new office in London, arguably the current business capital of the world.”


About eXact learning solutions


eXact learning solutions is a leading business solution provider in the field of Digital Learning Content Management. Its content lifecycle care solutions include modular and interoperable tools enabling, supporting and optimizing specific processes within a Digital Learning Content ecosystem: collaborative content creation; structured and workflow-based content management, and multiple output delivery of content in any desired format, channel, device and language, with any look & feel.

The eXact’s leading LCMS comprises a fully-fledged, enterprise-wide Learning Content Management System, a professional template-based authoring environment, 100% web-based, eXact Online Editor, as well as an app to manage, deliver and track learning content through iOS and Android-based mobile devices (eXact learning Mobile). The eXact learning solutions’ end-to-end provisioning is completed by a set of high level professional services including consulting, training and technical support in the field of Digital Learning Content Management.

eXact learning solutions is a sister company of LATTANZIO Group, a holding company based in Italy which integrates knowledge-intensive business services blending management consulting, IT services, training and e-learning, market research and communication.


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