LCMS technology in today’s eLearning Ecosystem

What is an eLearning ecosystem? In the eLearning world, it is an eLearning environment where educational technologies, authoring tools, and other resources are all present, for the sole purpose of instilling knowledge and developing skills for all learners within an eLearning setting. Creating an eLearning ecosystem that encourages behavioral change, performance improvement and skillset development is a key factor in the success of your eLearning course.


Past vs future: what’s the difference?

In the past, the learning ecosystem was very simple, comprising learners, educators and content.

Currently, with advances in learning technology and globalization, currently the learning ecosystem is fairly complex with numerous options for content, delivery mechanisms and, of course, the introduction of informal learning such as social learning, microlearning, etc.

Among the different elements that come into play within today’s eLearning ecosystem, technology plays a central role.


What you need

What are the essential learning technologies of a modern eLearning ecosystem, and what are their characteristics? Let’s begin to consider what organizations want from technology tools in an eLearning ecosystem:

  • Authoring: tools supporting the creation of e-learning content from scratch, but also the re-use of existing materials from raw assets (such as images and videos), to more complex sources, such as existing manuals or presentations.
  • Content Management: facilities to store, search for and retrieve items, as well as to review, manage versions and archive created content, or those retrieved from 3rd party suppliers.
  • Work management: functionality to manage processes, roles and people in creating, reviewing, and updating content, while simultaneously planning and tracking spent hours and progress.
  • Delivery: once content is ready, the aim is to provide it to learners. Therefore organizations need a training environment allowing tutors to set-up learning content and learners to access it, while the environment allows tracking capability to monitor the user learning journey.
  • Learning Record Store: after learners start playing content, organizations may be interested in what learners do with any provided material: eg, which content they play, for how long, which scores they get from tests, etc. This requires an area that stores all the relevant information, as well as analytics tools that facilitates HR/training managers in understanding learners’ data.
  • Experience Platform: as most of us are now used to interacting daily with social media platforms, not only for entertainment but also for information and awareness about local facts and personal contacts, organizations may also be interested in enabling users comments and ratings in the learning environment, as well as welcoming user’s direct contributions to the organization’s knowledge base.
  • Localization: global organizations need to take into account cultural differences of their learners in their training provision by making content relevant, which makes learners feel comfortable and, therefore, maximizes the learning impact.


What eXact can offer

Our LCMS has been conceived to answer all of the above needs and can be placed centrally within a modern eLearning Technology Ecosystem.
The Content Management, offered by our Digital Repository and the Project Management modules, represents the core functionality of a Learning Technology Ecosystem. The other modules, the Authoring tool , the LRS, the LMS, the Localization and con-X can be optionally combined and /or seamlessly integrated with third-party systems, depending on the specific client’s learning ecosystem needs.


Here how eXact learning LCMS modules fit the eLearning Technology Ecosystem:

Here how eXact learning LCMS modules fit the eLearning Technology Ecosystem


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