eXact learning LCMS features



“With eXact learning LCMS you can create, manage and deliver different content variations in all needed languages, beyond simple translation. Adapt your content to cultural differences with the XLIFF format, an XML-based international standard for localization that ensures an easy integration with internal or third-parties translation agencies.”

Multi language content

Create content once and deliver it in any language with eXact learning LCMS. Create, manage and deploy all content variations you need. Both left to right (LTR) and right to left (RTL) writing/reading modalities are supported allowing you to reach any learner, regardless of the spoken language.

Master versions and variations as well can be easily managed, updated and compared. Make your content speak any language.


Cultural adaptation of content

Localization doesn’t mean mere translation, rather content adaptation according to any cultural sensibility, videos, images, audios, etc can be easily changed to meet any local customs & traditions.



Thanks to international XLIFF standard support, content can be externally localized through any translational agency or internally translated and easily re-imported and managed into the LCMS. Any variation can be versioned, compared and updated.