eXact learning LCMS features



eXact learning LCMS is the industry reference Learning Content Management System that provides organization-wide, digital content production infrastructure relating to learning, knowledge dissemination and performance support.

eXact learning LCMS can ingest legacy materials and all their associated resources, index and
store in a centralized repository each single granular asset for easy search, rapid editing and multi-courses reuse.


“Only eXact learning solutions offers a one-stop shop learning content ecosystem, where a rapid authoring environment is fully integrated within an enterprise content management platform covering all content lifecycle needs.”

  • Collaborative online, sample-based authoring for major cost reduction – especially for varied and dispersed teams of authors
  • Business-driven & process-driven content categorization (metadata, taxonomies, vocabularies and content tags) enables authors to search for and find the right material quickly
  • Fully XML-based content models, for rapid, cost-effective, high quality content production allows

Digital Repository

“eXact learning LCMS can ingest legacy materials and all their associated resources, index and store in a centralized repository each single granular asset for easy search, rapid editing and multi-courses reuse.”

  • Ingest in Digital Repository – reuse all your existing learning content materials in any format, including Power Point (either as-is, or by breaking slides up into their components for content reusability)
  • Learning Object model approach – rapid content chunks reuse for cost effective learning projects
  • Dynamic Learning Object linking allows authors to reuse stored and versioned content for shorter production cycles

Project management

“Authors, subject matter experts, tutors, reviewers and project leaders can provide specific and valuable contribution to the content development process. In this multi-stakeholder context and with many projects running, excellence can be achieved only if owners, tasks and deadlines are clear and resources are efficiently allocated.”

  • Project and Workflow management – end-to-end management of your learning content processes for any author in any location


“With eXact learning LCMS each content becomes a unique learning experience which can be enjoyed by your learners wherever, whenever and in any way they like. Deliver personalized content chunks and keep track of any formal and informal experience.”

  • Delivery of SCORM compliant learning objects through an integrated LMS
  • Multiple output from single source authoring
  • Mobile learning portal


“With eXact learning LCMS you can create, manage and deliver different content variations in all needed languages, beyond simple translation. Adapt your content to cultural differences with the XLIFF format, an XML-based international standard for localization that ensures an easy integration with internal or third-parties translation agencies.”

  • XLIFF standard support for rapid content translation and adjustment in order to suit any world-wide learner language and cultural sensibility

User-friendly localization interface allowing authors and SMEs to easily manage, update and compare content master versions and multi-languages variations

eXact learning LCMS supports the main industry standards and widely used formats.


Content output Ingestion DR storage
Online Authoring Tool Offline desktop app
SCORM 1.2 / SCORM 2004
XML On Request
MS Word
MS Power Point
Mobile apps (iOs and Android)
Other file formats

“eXact learning LCMS helps savvy leaders to take data-driven decisions about learning content production, management and delivery process. Data are made available and visualized with user-friendly dashboards.”

  • LRS data about learners behaviour for each learning object and aggregated.
  • Content production dashboard
  • Knowledge repository data


“With eXact learning LCMS each organization can mirror its own organizational structure and processes. Compliance and data protection is ensured.”

  • Possibility to create multiple domains, isolated or not
  • Hyper-granular permission management and user profile configuration
  • Setting of the sharing options down to the single file