eXact learning solutions gathers the LCMS faithful in Rome

Representatives of the many organizations around the world which use the digital learning content management business solutions offered by eXact learning solutions, will meet in Rome in early September for a User Group conference.


This follows the success of eXact learning solutions’ first European User Group meeting, held in London in January.


Valerio Torda, eXact learning solutions’ CEO, explained: “As in January, in addition to having the opportunity for some useful peer-to-peer business networking, the User Group delegates will discover eXact learning solutions’ plans for further developing the eXact learning content management system (LCMS) and its related products and services.


“There’ll be a chance to learn from, and share with, fellow eXact learning LCMS users via a number of user case studies, presented by ‘big name’ organisations,” Valerio added.


Federico Dondero, eXact learning solutions’ Sales & Marketing Manager, commented, “Not only will eXact learning solutions use the User Group event to outline the developments and refinements that are being made to the eXact learning LCMS but it will also explain the company’s plans for further refining and developing the product over the coming months.


“At the User Group conference, all delegates will have the chance to discuss their views on these plans – and give us their ‘wish list’ for further developments to the LCMS,” he said.


Among the new developments to eXact learning solutions’ products that will be revealed to the conference delegates will be the new release – version 14 – of the eXact learning LCMS and the redesigned mobile app for all main portable devices and platforms, including iOS, Android and Windows. These developments will be announced publicly at DevLearn, in Las Vegas, a few weeks later.


At the User Group conference, eXact learning solutions will also announce the establishment of the eXact learning club, an online forum for customers to discuss issues, including best practice, with fellow users. The learning club will also make available product updates and news of new releases.


About eXact learning solutions

eXact learning solutions is a leading, business solution provider in the field of Digital Learning Content Management. Its content lifecycle care solutions include modular and interoperable tools enabling, supporting and optimizing specific processes within a Digital Learning Content ecosystem: collaborative content creation; structured and workflow-based content management, and multiple output delivery of content in any desired format, channel, device and language, with any look & feel.


The eXact learning Suite comprises a fully-fledged, enterprise-wide Learning Content Management System (eXact learning LCMS), a professional template-based authoring environment, comprising an advanced, local client application and a 100% web-based tool (eXact learning Packager and Online Editor) as well as an app to manage, deliver and track learning content through iOs and Android-based mobile devices (eXact learning Mobile).


The eXact learning solutions’ end-to-end provisioning is completed by a full set of high level professional services including consulting, training and technical support in the field of Digital Learning Content Management.



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