eXact learning LCMS features



“Authors, subject matter experts, tutors, reviewers and project leaders can provide specific and valuable contributions to the content development process. In this multi-stakeholder context and with many projects running, excellence can be achieved only if owners, tasks and deadlines are clear and resources are efficiently allocated.”

Create a project, associate a team, share content, and assign task and deadlines. Coordinate efforts and work easily with eXact learning LCMS since all staff accesses the same platform, same digital repository and same guidelines. Smart collaborative authoring becomes reality with eXact learning LCMS.


With the workflow module, a process for content production can be defined and applied a document. eXact learning LCMS helps you to assign tasks, deadlines, activities as well as manage permissions, projects, teams and review processes. You define the workflow and the eXact learning LCMS takes care of everything else: steps, tasks, people, deadlines and notifications.


Content reviewers can easily add graphical, editorial and technical comments to each content page and item; each comment history is tracked, stored and can be reported and exported as well. Comments and revisions can be assigned to single users and set by a deadline.

In addition, thanks to Microsoft Office integration reviewers can submit into the DR content or any kind of input directly from Word/PowerPoint/Outlook environment.


Project and business managers can retrieve and report projects information, including users efforts, working times, planned deadlines, current content status, ongoing activities and tasks.

Thanks to our powerful and user-friendly dashboard, it is extremely easy to keep everything under control and to track activities at a glance.


eXact learning LCMS supports document version management, a key feature for teams and large organizations.

Read more about versioning.