Vision & Mission


The future
of learning


Learning everywhere.

Engaging learning is an omnichannel experience made of content bites. People learn as they live and work, not only in formal contexts. Every physical and digital touch point is part of a learner’s journey.

Knowledge everywhere.

Knowledge is hidden everywhere, in corporate documents, procedures, presentations and previous courses.

The most successful organizations are able to leverage their knowledge base and reuse it in content production.

Working smart.

The future of work is smart, collaborative and mobile.

Content production teams work smoothly with clear tasks and deadlines, data-driven decision and remote collaboration tools.

Technology empowering you.

Digital technologies shape the way we live, work and learn.

We are committed to design and develop technological solutions that empower freedom to choose how to organize learning content production, knowledge sharing and delivery.

Our mission

We partner with visionary organizations in shaping the future of knowledge sharing, learning and collaborative content production.
We help our customers in the digital transformation of their learning process, so as to produce, manage and deliver engaging content and digital experiences.

Our values

Passion for What We Do

We are passionate about our products and are inspired by opportunities to support our clients in developing innovative projects.

Creativity and Innovation

With the largest, privately-owned R&D lab in Europe, and our cutting-edge, prize-winning technologies, we are world leaders in technological innovation.

Integrity and Professionalism

We meet and exceed our clients’ expectations through reliable performance, completing tasks and projects within the agreed time.

Client Focus

We listen to our clients’ needs and always strive to provide them with the best possible solutions to meet their business requirements.

Business and Technology Leadership

We develop solutions using the latest technological innovations. Our clients can depend on us to have future-proof solutions.

Sense of Belonging

Each individual has an important role in achieving the corporate goals and we all know how to contribute to the success of the organization.