White Label

White label versions of a software offer the adaptation of the user interface look and feel to match a specific corporate visual identity and the development of customer requests building on the existing platform functionalities.
In order to match specific customer adaptations and customizations, we offer a white label version of eXact learning LCMS.

We work together with our clients to design and develop customized solutions, such as:.


  • Complete re-design of the user interface of eXact learning LCMS (re-branding);
  • Adaptations of the user experience to specific needs;
  • Development of customer-specific functionalities;
  • Integrations with proprietary software;
  • Other customer requests.


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Custom development of interactions and skins

eXact learning LCMS is developed with a parametric approach to customization that matches the vast majority of customer needs in terms of learning content creation, management and distribution. In particular, we offer the design and development of:


  • Custom learning interactions, to match any pedagogic approach;
  • Custom learning object’s skins, to tailor the aspect and the navigation of learning content.



Clients and qualified third parties can take part to our developers program to develop skins, interactions and other integrations.