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Analytics view

eXact learning solutions is strengthening the functionality in its award-winning LCMS

eXact learning solutions is dramatically ramping up LRS analytics...
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Image of a lady using a VR headset

Extended Reality (XR) in Learning

The application of Extended Reality (XR) is increasingly relevant: find out more about its impact on...
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Image of a roof and supporting structure

What is Learning Architecture? 

In a Bersin (2016) study, p43, ‘Learning Architecture’ was...
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Compass showing direction on stock list

What is compliance training?

Compliance training is employee training relating to external legislation...
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Learning Metrics that Matter

Measuring learning through analytics is key to get to know your business learning level: discover more about learning metrics...
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Why is Mobile Learning strategic? | eXactls

This article aims to explore the topic of mobile...
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Practical tips for accelerating digital transformation

The pandemic has hugely affected organizations, both in the...
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Image of many pieces of unfixed lego

What are Learning Objects and how to create them

We aim in this article to simplify some of...
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Business training: why is it important in 2020?

Amidst unprecedented change, the mid-point of 2020 seems timely...
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Successful elearning project management: technology tips

This article aims to explore and provide some pointers...
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Photo by Caleb Moreno on Unsplash

Why is microlearning relevant today?

It is significant to note that, although the hype...
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Image by Jr Korpa on Unsplash

How are you using remote learning technology in the ‘new normal’?

Are you a public sector body providing education Or...
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Student engagement top tips

Employee engagement through eLearning: useful tips

Learning professionals and instructional designers aim for as high...
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Using AI translation services

Using AI translation services in learning technology to optimize results

Applying Artificial intelligence(AI) within a LCMS solution This article...
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LCMS and LMS: What is the difference?

Global firms are scrutinising their learning technology, as it...
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How informal learning technology can support sales enablement

How informal learning technology can support sales enablement

Here we will discuss some of the factors to...
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How AI is helping learning: A Case Study on automatic translations

The use of Artificial Intelligence technologies is established in...
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E-book: How Artificial Intelligence is Helping Learning

In this free E-book eXact learning solutions and Brandon Hall discuss some of the uses of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the...
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Multilanguage content production

eXact LCMS features a flexible localisation process that at any time can be adapted to fully support...
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Dynamic Publishing a content-centric approach to learning personalization

This white paper reviews the concept of distributed architectures and introduces the advantages of passing from “Static...
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Responsive template design for dynamic learning personalization

From single-source / multiple-channel to responsive content template design for dynamic learning...
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