eXact learning solutions is strengthening the functionality in its award-winning LCMS

eXact learning solutions is dramatically ramping up LRS analytics capabilities for its global LCMS clients.

eXact is delighted to announce that LCMS users will shortly be able to access optimum xAPI tracking functionality, and far more granular LRS analytics. eXact learning solutions is creating even further flexibility for its clients by integrating two powerful Learning Record Stores (LRS) into its best-of-breed, ‘all-in-one’, Learning Content Management System (LCMS) technology.

The demand to dig deeper into data, to enhance decision-making, is increasing across all sectors. eXact has completed a thorough test-phase successfully, to support clients MI learning needs. This will allow learning teams to integrate external LRS’ analytics, in addition to eXact’s native LRS, into the LCMS.

Demand from globally-based organizations is increasingly focused on the need for flexibility to integrate with legacy tools. eXact’s award-winning LCMS is a leader in its learning technology niche in providing technical integrations that support these crucial modifications to clients.

ABOUT eXact learning solutions

eXact learning solutions is a global leader in LCMS solutions, with more than 20 years of expertise in its market.