eXact learning

5 Strategic reasons for implementing eXact learning LCMS in your company


1. To create a competitive advantage for the organization
2. To increase process efficiency
3. To increase revenue
4. To improve customer service
5. To improve content lifecycle management

Collaborative authoring

Subject matter experts work collaboratively with instructional designers, other authors and the rest of the organization on the same platform, templates, workflow, content revisions and collaboration tools – for rapid content authoring.


Nurturing your organization’s knowledge assets

Ingest, index, store and reuse source content and materials, creating multiple output for blended learning, applicable to different audiences and purposes (e.g. web training, instructor-led-training, mobile learning, hardcopy), and avoiding costly duplications.


Configurable for your organizational model

eXact learning LCMS offers a great deal of configurations and settings to tailor the software to any organizational model and learning content production process.


Custom document samples, skins and interactions

You can easily create document samples directly from the authoring tool and, thanks to our Developers program, you can create custom skins and interactions using eXact learning LCMS SDKs.

Quality and better resource allocation

Improve the quality of learning content by ensuring availability and access to the up-to-date versions of material. Every author uses the same platform for consistent quality and faster time-to-market. Workflow management, roles, project and task definitions, and collaborative working models make it easy to manage the content production process.



The combination of rapid authoring capabilities, the possibility to search, link and reuse any pre-existing content chunk, together with model-based automation of content production enables unrivaled levels of high volume, professional and consistent learning output. Mobile delivery of learning content shortens the time-to-market of content, which is crucial to train your sales representatives in fast-changing markets and to let your after sales technicians access the latest knowledge base.



The extensive use of eLearning standards guarantees that your organization can deliver learning content on any standard-based LMS/LRS or through integration with other business systems.


Enhanced learning experiences

Learning content can be accessed easily from anywhere, without time constraints or the need for internet access. Learning content is adaptable to meet individual needs. eXact learning LCMS provides the features required to accomplish individual educational goals, offers enhanced learning experiences and increases learners’ motivation.

eXact empowering you

  • Easy-to-use editor (WYSIWYG, drag & drop)
  • MS Office integration for easy content production
  • Revisions and comments
  • To-do lists and task management

  • Efficient, single source, multiple output production
  • Knowledge content reuse
  • Document samples, skins and interactions for any pedagogic approach
  • Project managment, teams, workflows, tasks and deadlines
  • Monitoring dashboard
  • MS Office integration to facilitate document exchange with SMEs and other stakeholders
  • Version management
  • Localization

  • 4 in 1 learning management software
  • Configuration according to the organizational model and brand look & feel
  • Knowledge management
  • Quality and consistency of content
  • Off-the-shelf or custom document samples, skins and interactions for any pedagogic approach
  • Workflows and monitoring of content production process
  • Multiple output delivery
  • Integrated LMS and mobile learning portal
  • Version management
  • Localization
  • Interoperability

  • WYSIWYG drag & drop editor
  • Collaborative authoring
  • Engaging content
  • Single source authoring for multiple outputs
  • Off-the-shelf or custom document samples, skins and interactions for any pedagogic approach
  • Online authoring tool and offline desktop app
  • Legacy content ingestion and knowledge chunk reuse
  • To-do lists and task management
  • Version management
  • Localization

  • Engaging content
  • Multi-device content
  • Multiple outputs
  • Mobile learning portal