Selecting & Implementing a LCMS/’knowledge transfer’ solution

Pete Radice: “We at Merck embarked on looking fora solution after agreeing a ‘Goal statement’ and agreeing some high-level needs as below.

What We Wanted:

  • One place to stare everything (ie. cloud. internal & external)
  • A collaborative environment – where everyone involved in the development of learning contents is able to work together, both internally & externally
  • Project management capabilities
  • To be able to create a project team, and to assign roles & tasks
  • Functionality for reviews & approvals
  • Comments & notifications
  • Automated workflows: CDN (Content Distributed Network)
  • Support for video
  • Worldwide access: People to Use it!




May 25, 2020


Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare

Procurement process

We settled on sending out five RFL’s to:

  • two Learning Content Management System (LCMS) vendors;
  • three Content Management Solutions (CMS) vendors.

We created a rating system to document and evaluate Vendor presentations. This comprised an Excel spreadsheet with a weighted multi-rater input. In addition to this, we put together a detailed category weighting-system, which really helped detail user-functionality.

Post-selection implementation

Once we selected the eXact LCMS/knowledge transfer technology at Merck, we held a two-day ‘Discovery’ session. My advice would be that you must do this, and you must do it in person. Our steps in this process were:


  1. Deep dive discussions into as-is and to be states
  2. Swim-lane exercises (business process map)
  3. Requirements documentation (system)
  4. Metadata application profile
  5. Project management/planning sessions

This was followed up by ‘Proof Of concept & Pilot launch’ & training. This entailed:

  • Face-to-face training /POC
  • Regional training US/UK/AP
  • Hyper-care eXact learning solutions sessions
  • A social learning community


Our success measures were:

  • Adoption & utilisation of the system
  • Integration with Enterprise Learning Portal; and
  • Integration with Enterprise LMS.

Certainly, we were delighted that these targets were all met. To date, the number of new users continue to rise on a weekly basis.

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