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Connect all your stakeholders with eXact: sales, customer service and maintenance; employees, collaborators and customers. Provide them all with the latest information with easy access, at any time, from anywhere – and connect them via social facilities.

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Easy information sharing

Your organization wants to deploy knowledge rapidly, keep dispersed teams aligned and up-to-date, ensure regulatory compliance and sharpen key skills in key roles to achieve competency and required certifications. Con-X allows you to share knowledge-based contents with your community members just in time, on any device of their choice.

Easy sharing

Share your news, manuals and regulamentations with just one click.

Access control

Organize your stakeholders in groups to grant access to selected materials.

Engaging with social facilities

Ever wondered what your employees think about the contents you propose? Would you like to have users engaged in discussing topics?
Con-X promotes user-engagement via social facilities, such as discussions and ratings.


Let stakeholders have their say, posting and receiving comments.


Users can rate contents so that you know what they like mosts.

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Insights about users’ engagement with contents

Thanks to xAPI tracking, dashboards and reporting facilities you can have insights about your users’ engagement with contents: which materials are the most popular, which actions are done most, who are the most active users, etc...

Contents insights

Company can know which contents have highest ratings, which contents are most viewed, downloaded, etc.

Users insights

Company can discover who are the most active users, the most interesting topics… and least ones.