Is much of your current learning content made via PowerPoint? Why not move to a more future-proof, single-source, multiple-output, fully blended learning approach?

Managing collaborative authoring processes can be both challenging and frustrating. It involves asking to subject matter experts to circulate the last reviewed PowerPoint, managing comments and notes made by several stakeholders, taking time in copying and pasting slides and texts – or in editing the wrong content version – and then duplicating or re-creating learning materials through several courses.

In this webinar we’ll explain how those using the eXact learning LCMS can:

  • Get the system to ingest PowerPoint slides automatically
  • Edit and repurpose these learning materials, adding interactive items
  • Re-use and version each individual content chunk
  • Distribute the content via a wide range of delivery media, including mobile devices.

Please register for our webinar – being held on Wednesday 25th March at 5.00 to 5.45 PM CET – by clicking here

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